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Gage Watkins's Statistics

Name Gage Watkins Hours 34.11
Pilot ID IFA124 Flights 12
Hub KCLE Distance Flown 13379 miles
Rank Captain Last Flight 256 Days ago
Hire Date: 05/17/2018 Last Flight Date 08/07/2018

Gage Watkins (Hired 339 days ago!)

Awards (2)

    Awarded to all pilots of Infiniti Air Virtual.
    Awarded when landing -150fpm or below

PIREP's List (12)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
SCC381 KMEI KATL CRJ-200 (N200DL) 00.46 08/07/2018 Accepted
SCC345 KATL KMEI MD-90 (N903DA) 00.43 07/04/2018 Accepted
SCC2413 KATL KJFK B767-300 (N767DL) 01.44 07/04/2018 Accepted
SCC1476 KATL KBHM MD-90 (N903DA) 00.33 07/04/2018 Accepted
SCC381 KATL KJAN MD-90 (N903DA) 00.52 07/02/2018 Accepted
AAL1537 KPHL KORD B767-300 (N767DL) 01.28 06/29/2018 Accepted
SCC381 KJFK KATL B747-400 (N661US) 01.40 05/26/2018 Accepted
SCC381 KLAX KSEA B767-300 (N767DL) 01.52 05/25/2018 Accepted
HAL35 PHNL KPHX B767-300 (N767DL) 7.30 05/22/2018 Accepted
HAL35 PHNL KPHX B767-300 (N767DL) 7.30 05/22/2018 Accepted
SCC381 KJFK LFPG B767-300 (N767DL) 06.19 05/20/2018 Accepted
AAL691 KPHX KCLT A330-300 (N817NW) 03.14 05/18/2018 Accepted

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