Do you want to join a Virtual Airline with no ranking restrictions ? You came to the right place !!! Join InfinitiAir Virtual !


InfinitiAirVA FAQ


Is there a rank system?


Yes we do have a ranking structure but we have no restriction within those ranks. We’re all equal and share the same status, we are all pilots wanting to have fun.


How can I connect to InfinitiAirVA’s Discord?


You can access our discord by using this link to join! or just click on the connect button on the discord widget on our homepage.


Which simulators can I use?


In order to have the ACARS flight reporting program work, you must have legal copy of FSX and FSX:Steam, All versions of Prepar3d, or X-Plane


Can I use a different aircraft in place of the one specified on the scheduled route I bid?


Absolutely! We offer a recommended aircraft for the route specified as a guide. If you want to substitute that aircraft for one you would like to fly, you can do that! We do recommend something comparable, though, as you don’t want to be taking a heavy airliner into a small airport!


How to I connect to smartcars?


You connect to our smartCARS with the same login that you would use to login to our website.



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