Do you want to join a Virtual Airline with no ranking restrictions ? You came to the right place !!! Join InfinitiAir Virtual !

About Us


Infiniti Air Virtual


Finally, a virtual airline that is here for the sole purpose of fitting the needs of the pilot. We welcome every level of expertise from amateur to the retired long haul pilot. The founders of this VA are 5 men who have been through all phases of flight simulation, old and new. We are real pilots, aviation students and enthusiasts. Looking to achieve the main point of joining a VA; FLYING!! Application sent, accepted, and free to fly where you want with what you want, with no category restrictions on aircraft type! We’re all here to enjoy the hobby of flight simulation so limiting someone of their potential abilities is not what we intend to do. Get that B747 and B777. Whatever you fare, we welcome it here at InfinitiAir!


Ultimately we are subsidiary airline that coincides with the routes of the major airlines. Not limited to a certain alliance or team. We do our business with everyone and all possibilities. But we also want everyone to have the chance to fly using your InfinitiAir callsign. Simply create your flight in smartCARS and place your IFA I.D. in the callsign section.


So you’ve been accepted, welcome! Now time for the real fun. Using our Acars system it’s as easy as turning the battery on. Recording your flights, finding yourself on the live map, and submit PIREP for approval makes it all to easy to hop on and get those hours.


We also have a second VA which is geared towards cargo, please check it out at




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