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Our Pilots

PID Name Rank Flights Hours
IFA102 Canada Jason H. ATP Captain 28 129.18
IFA101 United States Bryce Saunders ATP Senior Captain 75 269.53
IFA104 United States Tyler Mullennax ATP Senior Commander 356 1420.45
IFA106 United States Benjamin Schine ATP Captain 47 156.31
IFA103 United States Mark Urman ATP Senior Captain 118 474.54
IFA109 United States Bradley Berman ATP Senior Commander 378 1095.53
IFA112 United States Tim Stafford First Officer 18 20.58
IFA113 United States Carlyle Miller ATP Senior Captain 217 481.35
IFA116 United States Tyler Bourgeois ATP Commander 134 606.39
IFA115 United States Hal Butts ATP Captain 59 112.10
IFA118 United States Matthew Moser ATP Senior Commander 507 2511.07
IFA119 United States Pete Melomo Captain 13 42.32
IFA121 United States Corey Dombrowski First Officer 1 1.28
IFA123 Canada Luc Vanasse ATP Commander 525 958.49

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