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Pilots: 4
Total Airline Hours: 8,182
Flights: 2,476
Flights Today: 1
Miles Flown: 3,294,315
Aircraft: 106
Passengers: 20,330,633
Routes: 14639

August 2019 Top Landings

Luc VanasseDH8D-5
Luc VanasseDH8D-37
Luc VanasseDH8D-39
Luc VanasseDH8D-45
Luc VanasseDH8D-74

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Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
SCC123Luc VanasseCYVRKPDXQ40000.59-74 ft/m Pending
SCC123Luc VanasseKPDXCYVRQ40000.52-181 ft/m Pending
UAL515Carlyle MillerKEWRKLAX787-9 DREAML05.02-478 ft/m Pending
SCC123Luc VanasseKGPIKPDXQ40001.26-45 ft/m Pending
SCC123Luc VanasseKSEAKGPIQ40001.14-37 ft/m Pending
SCC123Luc VanasseKSUNKSEAQ40001.42-5 ft/m Accepted
SCC123Luc VanasseKPDXKSUNQ40001.19-83 ft/m Accepted
SCC123Luc VanasseKSLCKPDXB737-80001.31-171 ft/m Accepted
UAL3401Carlyle MillerKCLTKEWRB737-80001.20-414 ft/m Accepted
SCC2218Matthew MoserTNCMKMIAB777-200LR02.52-96 ft/m Accepted

Pilots Online

There have been 0 user(s), and 111 guest(s) online in the past 20 minutes.

There are no pilots online!

Recent Bids

Luc has chosen flight SCC123 departing from KPDX arriving at KRNO,and will be flying a B737-800 (N738DL)

Carlyle has chosen flight AAL1461 departing from KLAX arriving at KDEN,and will be flying a B737-800 (N738DL)

Recent Activity

IFA123 Luc Vanasse has filed a PIREP from CYVR to KPDX View Flight Report

IFA123 Luc Vanasse has filed a PIREP from KPDX to CYVR View Flight Report

IFA113 Carlyle Miller has filed a PIREP from KEWR to KLAX View Flight Report

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