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Pilots: 8
Total Airline Hours: 7,883
Flights: 2,374
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 3,170,617
Aircraft: 106
Passengers: 9,063,032
Routes: 14633

June 2019 Top Landings

Luc VanasseA319-79
Luc VanasseB748-102
Luc VanasseA320-111
Luc VanasseB748-126
Luc VanasseA320-126

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Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
SCC123Luc VanasseKLAXPANCB747-8I04.55-126 ft/m Pending
SCC101Bryce SaundersKSLCKBOI737-958(ER)00.42-594 ft/m Pending
SCC123Luc VanasseKSLCKLAXB747-8I01.24-255 ft/m Accepted
ACA1672Carlyle MillerCYYZKMCOB737-80002.27-249 ft/m Accepted
SCC123Luc VanasseKPDXKSLCB747-8I01.22-102 ft/m Accepted
SCC123Luc VanasseKDENKPDXB747-8I02.06-358 ft/m Accepted
SCC123Luc VanasseKSDFKDENB747-8I02.23-155 ft/m Accepted
SCC123Luc VanasseKMIAKSDFB747-8I01.59-401 ft/m Accepted
SCC123Luc VanasseSKBOKMIAB747-8I02.59-251 ft/m Accepted
SCC7734Carlyle MillerKMSPCYYZA319-13101.39-509 ft/m Accepted

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Recent Activity

IFA123 Luc Vanasse has filed a PIREP from KLAX to PANC View Flight Report

IFA101 Bryce Saunders has filed a PIREP from KSLC to KBOI View Flight Report

IFA123 Luc Vanasse has filed a PIREP from KSLC to KLAX View Flight Report

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