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Pilots: 2
Total Airline Hours: 9,021
Flights: 2,871
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 3,610,520
Aircraft: 106
Passengers: 26,465,958
Routes: 14643

February 2020 Top Landings

Luc VanasseB738-31
Carlyle MillerA320-82
Luc VanasseB738-86
Luc VanasseB738-99
Carlyle MillerB738-102

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Posted by Tyler Mullennax on 12/07/2019

Thanks to our Pilots


I want to give a big thanks to Carlyle and Luc for being loyal pilots!

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Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time


Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
ACA563Carlyle MillerKSFOCYVRA320-20001.59-151 ft/m Accepted
UAL1863Carlyle MillerKLAXKSFOB737-80001.00-273 ft/m Accepted
SCC123Luc VanasseKPHXKMEMB737-80002.14-31 ft/m Accepted
SCC123Luc VanasseKLAXKPHXB737-80001.07-340 ft/m Accepted
SCC123Luc VanasseKSEAKLAXB737-80002.18-99 ft/m Accepted
SCC123Luc VanasseKLASKSEAA320-20002.08-171 ft/m Accepted
SCC123Luc VanasseKHOUKLASB737-80003.13-210 ft/m Accepted
SCC1636Carlyle MillerPHNLKLAXB787-80004.41-438 ft/m Accepted
SCC615Carlyle MillerNZAANZQNA330-20001.35-223 ft/m Accepted
SCC123Luc VanasseKHOUKMSYB737-70000.43-147 ft/m Accepted

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Recent Activity

IFA113 Carlyle Miller has filed a PIREP from KSFO to CYVR View Flight Report

IFA113 Carlyle Miller has filed a PIREP from KLAX to KSFO View Flight Report

IFA123 Luc Vanasse has filed a PIREP from KPHX to KMEM View Flight Report

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